Don’t forget about the “good old stuff”

We are so caught up with the ongoing social media marketing frenzy that we seem to be forgetting about how great many of the “old” communication tactics used to work for us in the past.

Believe it or not, there actually was a time when there was no Facebook. The word “tweets” was used to describe the sound birds make, and photos were shared in the form of prints. Life seems to have been so much simpler back then.

Today, everybody is focused – entirely it seems – on social media marketing; to the extend that many of us have forgotten about the many communication tactics that used to produce great results in the past. Here are some of those in case your consider giving your 2015 marketing plan a nostalgic infusion.

Radio Advertising

We absolutely love radio ads. People listen to radio stations all day long, are receptive to ads most of the times (especially when in cars), and they don’t cost that much. And what we really love about radio advertising is the fact that you can choose from a magnitude of channels that appeal to varying market segments, so targeting your messages toward specific groups is easily accomplished.

TV commercials

Similar to radio channels, there are lots of satellite stations for different market segments you can use at a reasonable investment. One of our favorite network for example is OSN. It’s regional, very targeted, and priced reasonably. As evident from the many brands that use this medium, it must be quite effective and efficient.

Print ads in magazines

Because there are so many magazines out there catering to different age and interest groups, you can plan out your campaign so that it reaches just those people you want, and that – again – at a reasonable cost. And if you sign up for a bulk-deal and book that back-cover for the year, you’ll get a really sweet deal as well.

Snail mail

Everybody is obsessed with digital messages, e-greetings cards, and what have you. If you’re sending out Eid cards for example that are actually printed on physical paper, your brand will probably be the only doing having done so. Besides, do you remember how people used to show off their greetings cards by stacking them nicely on their desks, displaying all these logos nicely to multiple visitors during the season? What a great way to reach a wide audience for extended periods at such a low investment.

There are lots of other goodies you can tap into without breaking the bank. Bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, fun give away items, and even fax-campaigns have always been – and will continue to remain at your disposal. It really depends on whom you need to reach out to and how much you can afford to spend doing so. The point is, think beyond digital and don’t hesitate to consider and integrate in your marketing program what used to work well in the past.

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