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We spend hours and hours sitting behind desks and computer screens. This is not a natural body posture, and it will on the long-run take a toll on your well-being. If your job involves long hours being seated and behind a screen, this article is for you!

Apply some of these simple tips – and some more – to stay fit, healthy, and productive. A warning though; if you suffer from any body injuries or complain from frequent discomforts, consult your physician before practicing any of the following. Also, keep in mind that we are not medical experts, so following these tips is at your own risk 🙂

Move around frequently

Getting up and taking a walk around the office each half hour or so will do wonders for your back, knees, and legs. It doesn’t have to be a marathon; just a couple of minutes of walking around – while on the phone for example – is a whole lot better than nothing at all. If you have one of these armbands (i.e. Jawbone), set it up to buzz you each 1/2 hour to get you moving.

Watch your posture

We develop this nasty habit of slumping down while seated, which is really bad for your upper and lower back. You will also most likely develop a slight hump with time which doesn’t look all that great. Always sit up straight and use an aid if you can’t help it otherwise. You can buy one of those elastic straps that force your back into a straight position while you sit. They can be a nuisance, but they work.

Watch those laptops

If you work long hours on a computer, make sure to use a regular monitor. The top edge of your screen should level with your eyes or so. If you have a laptop, no problem. Buy and hook up a regular monitor plus keyboard and mouse. But staying hunched over a laptop for long hours will hurt your back for sure. And yes, tablets are for reading only. They were never meant to replace real computers.

Painkillers aren’t the answer

If you feel constant pain or discomfort, your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it! Don’t get into the habit of swallowing painkillers – even mild ones – because you’re only dealing with the symptom but not the problem itself. Plus, your stomach won’t appreciate unreasonable doses of pills at all.

Exercise frequently

You need to get into the habit of walking preferably each day. It’s a natural body movement and helps you in countless ways. If you go to a gym, great. But you still need to walk, and never lift weight without supervision. You’re almost guaranteed to get it all wrong, at least at the beginning. This in turn can cause permanent damage to your muscles and bones that you’ll end up dealing with for the rest of your life.

Get your beauty-sleep

Seven hours continuous sleep is great. Eight are even better. But to accomplish that, you should be in bed before midnight and stop drinking coffee or tea about four hours (or even more) before then. Also, nicotine is an upper, so that last cigarette (if you really must smoke) before you go to bed will ruin your sleep. Again, armbands can tell you not only how long you sleep, but also how deep your sleep really is, and how often you wake up.

Eat healthy

Your body needs breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snacks in between are very advisable, and we don’t mean candy bars by that. You can’t be too busy for not being able to have lunch. And don’t work while eating your lunch. Focus on your food, enjoy the break, and get freshened up for another four hours of productive work.

Drink plenty of water

We develop this nasty habit of having a cup of coffee or tea on standby at all times to keep sipping from. Not the best choice. Replace that cup with a bottle of water and drink plenty of fresh water each day. It’ll keep you hydrated and will do wonders for your skin.

If you browse the web, you’ll probably find millions of sites that provide you with invaluable tips about how to work hard and stay fit and healthy at the same time. Do lots of reading and follow what people tell you. Most of the stuff you read comes from personal (hard-learned) experiences, as is the case with this particular article 🙂

Be well and have a productive day!

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