SPAMing people on WhatsApp?!

That’s a really really bad idea. Mass spammers have already ruined SMS for us in the last. Mass marketing needs to have limits. Invading people’s private spaces without their consent is way exceeding those limits.

So if you’re into direct marketing and all, please don’t use WhatsApp for that. It’s a very private communication channel. Stick to email marketing (provided your subscribers double-opted in).

That being said, there are still ways to use WhatsApp for marketing purposes without being a pest; for example, you can invite customers and leads to contact with you via your business WhatsApp number for some free services that you can then build out.

There’s also nothing wrong with organizing discussion groups. But if you do that, let people know what the group in advance and ask their permission to add them.

That’s it for this post folks. We’re gonna keep them short and sweet from now on. And as always, happy prospecting 🙂


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