Why we never really warmed up to “Virtual Events”

Over the past nearly two years, we’ve often been asked about why we didn’t really branch out into virtual events.

Our answer is simple; because they don’t fulfill the core purpose of events; to network, mingle, rub shoulders, meet those you need to meet, and swap business; you know – interact with real people and building real long lasting relations (that get you way more than likes and clicks).

Don’t get me wrong, virtual events are great, but they serve a specific and totally different purpose. They provide you with a good platform to educate, present, etc. but they don’t get you any closer to people. In essence they are a Facebook or TikTok “Live” on steroids. One where you can interact with the speaker(a) in real time mode, but alas – not in person; and definitely not with other people.

Besides, online events are simple and straightforward. The organizer should be perfectly capable of putting the whole thing together without the need for a third-party and the costs that involves. How hard can it be to setup a Zoom account and invite a bunch of people? And no, virtual events don’t need to be branded and such. People are staring at s screen, so no matter what you do, it’s still a screen.

That being said, we did have to organize a couple of those; and our experience reflected exactly what we just said; people loose interest after the first few minutes because there’s nothing to do besides what can be done on YouTube and several other platforms. And that’s why we’ve seen numbers drop from a thousand to a couple of hundred attended with the first thirty minutes, if not less.

So in conclusion, until real events revert to what they used to be – the real thing – you won’t be seeing much of event management done by us. We love this profession way too much to settle for anything less than what we are used to from before the COVID era.

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