About Those Annoying Unsolicited Phone Calls …

I’m not sure if this is becoming a trend or if it’s just bad luck, but I’ve been noticing an increasing number of marketing calls made by “machines”. You know, these super-annoying calls where you pick up, and some computerized voice runs down a sales pitch for some product or service you’ll never need, and then hangs up again.

Where do I even begin to describe how bad this is, and how important it is to NOT do this? First of all, you’d be calling someone on their private mobile line which is a delicate matter all by itself. You are disturbing them without bothering to check if it’s a good time, and you’re running down a sales pitch for something they probably don’t need. Anyhow you look at it, it is the single most annoying thing you could do to market anything. So really, don’t!

And while some companies might think they’re smart and saving a bundle by having a computer do the nasty part (the calling), they’re practically telling the recipient of this annoying call that they aren’t even worth the time of a real person to dial the number, introduce themselves, and then run down the sales pitch in case there’s any kind of positive response.

So what’s a safe and respectful way to call people with sales pitches? Well, there aren’t many options really. First of all, you should never ever call people with unsolicited stuff on their mobile phones. Neither should you text or – God forbid – even WhatsApp them. A mobile number is a private affair. Just because you have it for someone doesn’t give you the right to use it at will.

If you need to call, dial the office number. Yes, your call will probably be screened and never put through, but that’s the whole idea behind screening calls. Not having to take the ones you don’t want to take. And if you manage to get through, then the recipient is probably interested enough in what you have to offer that you are actually likely to close a sale.

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