How to be more productive

Working productively is all about being efficient and effective. It’s not about how long you work, but all about how much you are able to accomplish in a given time frame (usually your eight-hour working day), and how important that is.

It’s easy to get consumed by tasks that take a lot of effort, but in essence add little value to the quality of your working day’s output. We call this “busy being busy”. You’re drained and tired at the end of a long day, but you don’t enjoy that great sensation of accomplishment. Not a good place to be at.

There’s a variety of techniques that work and it really depends on your particular character, but here’s an approach that works well for us, and one we’ve been practicing for many years now.

Start your day early

Although people aren’t all that receptive to phone calls or meetings before 10 am, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot done by then. You could for example by then be done with cleaning up your inbox, have reviewed some reports and reading materials, and held some staff and other internal meeting to get those out-of-the-way . Starting your day early will also help you in getting done with phone calls to people who are in a different time zone.

Schedule your meetings during the morning

Amman is a relatively small city and traffic is nothing like in Dubai for example. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to hold 2-3 meetings between 10 am to 1 pm. Get those out of your way and try to decline meetings that are requested during the afternoon. (You’ll find out in a minute why!) Asking someone to schedule a meeting in a week’s time or later is neither rude nor uncommon.

Don’t forget your “my time”

To be productive, you need to stay fit and energetic. As such, make it a point to eat your lunch and relax a bit between 1-2 pm. If you started your day at 9 am, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take an hour off around mid day. And if your office environment provides the space for a power nap, go for it. It’ll do wonders for your productivity in the afternoon.

PM: Roll up your sleeves and attack the important stuff

You have a full four hours now between 2-6 pm that you can use for some real productive work. You can get that proposal done, or make good progress in that project you’ve been allocated to. But to be really productive now, you need to close your email client, put your phone on silent, and ignore Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Since you need to take a very short break (walk around the office) each 30-45 minutes though, you can check your communication channels for any pressing messages then. The idea though is to spend a number of hours in the form of focused and undisturbed quality time to work on the important stuff.

Wrap up the day and get ready to go home

Sometime around 5:45 – 6 pm, wrap upon what you’re working on, run through your emails in case there’s anything important you need to reply to, and spend a few minutes preparing your agenda and to-do list for the next day. Then go home and spend some quality time with your family and loved ones, because this is what’s really important!

Have a great day 🙂

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