What We Say Vs. What We Actually Mean..

Being an event manager comes along with many highs and lows. During the crazy busy days and long hours spent planning we have been known to say some interesting things when really, we mean something else entirely…… here’s a few!

  • Don’t worry I will do that…

… to be honest it will just be less time consuming and easier if I did it myself….



  • No problem!

… Arghh – I think my head will explode with all the tasks on my to do list!


  • It is a bit late to make big changes now…

… Plus, I have been chasing you for weeks and weeks for an answer on this! بكير!!! But we’ll do it anyway… because you’re the client -.-


  • What can we learn from this?

… We need to make sure that this situation doesn’t happen again. Ever.


  • We have some ideas to share with you for the event next year

… I know you are resistant to change but we really need to come out of the dark ages here.


  • We have a few issues…

… You need to shape up right away and put things right to get things on track.


  • Can we find some volunteers or ushers to help?

… because our staff have more important things to do.


  • We’ll be following up with speakers.

… What did we just get ourselves into?


  • It is a very exciting time to work in the event industry…

… I must be mad.


  • Communication is key to a great event team…

… so listen up!


  • Could I take some more information?

… I am not a mind reader.


  • My pleasure…!

…Why did I ever decide to get into this career?!



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