7 reasons you should work in event management!

You will never get bored:

In the space of a single day you could be checking out a new venue, having a demo for some new technology, meeting with clients and brainstorming ideas. Variety is the spice of life and event planning certainly keeps us on our toes… No room for boredom!

You will enjoy team work: 

Working in a dream event team is the best way to get results, help to make the event industry less stressful and share the workload. A successful event team is likely to be close-knit, we socialize after a big win, and we always support each other through the challenges.

You will learn negotiation: 

It can be an amazing adrenaline rush when you get what you want. It’s not always about money though, you could use venue negotiations to get room upgrades, better Wi-Fi, better catering or other perks. These wins will always make you feel proud of yourself.

You will witness ideas come to life: 

Creating dream events for your clients and making the attendees happy is a real pride moment for event planners, who have often endured many challenges to create what they have been visualizing and planning in their head for so long!

You will officially meet your creative side: 

You will get to explore your creative vision and see an idea be turned into reality, from concept to execution.

You will learn to overcome challenges… and enjoy it!

Event planning can be challenging day-to-day too when trying to work with picky people, overcome obstacles or get more registrations. But it’s these challenges that make events exciting, particularly when it gives us a chance to shine and prove why we are successful event managers in the first place!

You will always be on top of technology:

As an event planner, you should always be looking to the future and getting ahead of technology to anticipate what people want to see. Whether that’s anticipating technology trends or coming up with concepts for event entertainment and boosting user experience, you get to use technology to give people something they haven’t seen before!


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