The Essence of Marketing hasn’t changed at all for decades …

And we don’t see how it will ever …

Marketing today is all about digital tools; what’s hot and new, what you can do with them, and how to best use them.

This is not about marketing. This is about tactical communication techniques. Techniques that must be based on “marketing” if they are to be successful.

So it’s back to the basics; it’s back to the drawing board. It’s about Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

In other words, it’s all about the Marketing Mix. It’s about the classic 4Ps of Marketing, which will never change, no matter how much hype someone is trying to create about this new tool or that one.

Them there’s also the Segmentation Strategy, which – based on the Marketing Mix – will talk more about your target audience, what drives them toward action, and what messages you need to relay to them to make those happen.

And this is the stuff they teach you professionally, and this is why a college or university degree is still – and will always remain – valuable.

The rest – how you use IG or whatever is hot today – you can learn yourself on YouTube. But keep in mind, this kind of knowledge usually has a short life span. Only until the next best thing comes along.

That’s it for today though. We promised to keep our blog posts short and we’re sticking to that. Dor more about the marketing mix etc., follow this blog and take a read of our upcoming articles.


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